Naughty America: The Potential Potential of VR Porn

It should come as no shock that where there is technology that is new, there is porn. Virtual reality creates enormous market chances for mature content. Nonetheless, if you’ll pardon the pun, it’s not the size that counts but how you utilize it, and porn company Naughty America needs to understand what turns on players. … Continue reading “Naughty America: The Potential Potential of VR Porn”

It should come as no shock that where there is technology that is new, there is porn. Virtual reality creates enormous market chances for mature content. Nonetheless, if you’ll pardon the pun, it’s not the size that counts but how you utilize it, and porn company Naughty America needs to understand what turns on players. With the aim of enlarging their porn company to gaming customers, they had a booth at this year’s E3.

Fundamentally, these VR encounters place you inside the activity by providing you with a virtual human anatomy. Instead of simply seeing people have sex, you’re a passive player through a virtual human anatomy. The performing artists speak to you together with perform other actions on your, um, joystick. Naughty America VR places the consumer at the centre of the action.

Before you dive into VR porn and this means lots of communication. Choose your scenarios and behave sensibly, because when it works, it is fairly popular —when it does not, you’re up close and personal with some seriously awful items.

Naughty America is not unaware of the customization challenge.

Speaking to the booth reps, considerate and how kind these were struck me. They’re not unaware of the concentration dilemmas inherent in providing a man a human anatomy that is virtual, and they wish to be respectful of girls in the mature space. Actually, while the male point of view demo had a mute audience proxy, Naughty America added response sounds to the female point of see because test audiences believed the mute variation felt too much like sexual abuse. These pitfalls inherent to the area where sex and technology intersect have in how exactly to appeal to players Naughty America quite interested. They’re quite conscious that players are much more likely to be early VR adopters, therefore how do you “git gud” in interactive sex programs? There’s a lot they nonetheless do not understand, and they are quite open about this.

So VR porn has lots of room to grow, and I am looking forward to seeing how it develops…for specialist reasons only. Actually.

How Old Are You?

Some of us might hear from time to time that we are “Old Souls”. I remember when I was told this for the first time. It sounded great, even without understanding the deep essence and meaning of it. That expression did not feel strange to me for one reason, I always felt old, even as a young child since the age of 7. I am probably touching upon many different people who share that same feeling from young age too!

What is an “Old Soul” in the first place? And how really we can pinpoint them from the crowd?

An “Old Soul” is still a human being. Don’t get me wrong here!! The way I see it and from what I was told from my guides: “An Old Soul is a wiser, knowledgeable being that has already bypassed all the hurdles from lifetime to lifetime, in the essence of attaining their own growth. Old Souls bring with them and share their evolution on this plane, and other planes, for many centuries by bringing the knowledge, wisdom and compassion that brings peace and tranquility into their soul. In the same time they help other Souls to enhance and prosper for a better understanding of life.

The way I can pinpoint an “Old Soul” in a way other than what my guides mentioned is from their eyes. You will see the depth and richness through them, regardless if they have had a hard time getting through experiences in this lifetime. Also in certain cases I can pinpoint them when I am working on a chart for someone by Numerology.

An “Old Soul” can be in your child as well in any other person you encounter. Physical age has no significance here. Another way, you can see them is in the way they value life as a whole and only not their own life, regardless of their situation.

The way I see it, as I have been told many times in different parts of the world during my travels as being an “Old Soul”, is an “Old Soul” is special in many ways but not from an ego stand. They are as ‘human’ as everyone else, but they have deeper understanding of life and a wider vision. Even with all of that, it does not mean an “Old Soul” does not have to go through human experiences again, because they do. It can even be harder and might take them a lot longer to see their situation. The only reason is because they see things from a very high perspective of life, disregarding the more ‘trivial’ things and will likely value them as being of less importance. I have had that problem for such a long time and I have a heavy task to bring myself down to really face life value things for their real smaller value. What makes it even harder is my Karma in this lifetime ‘4’which is the physical ‘earthly’ part of life?

I remember how I was as a child and how I was never attached to things. As a grown up, I believe that still stands to be the same. Somehow, and I might be wrong here, from what I can see in people and how they evaluate their “stuff” and worship those items as being the face value of their life. People will measure themselves and others for what they have as material belongings, rather than the true essence of who they are inside.

That is one the main reason we can see and which proves that more and more people are not really happy internally. Well it seems that even with all of those objects we value, it is still not sufficient to bring to us all the happiness that we need in this lifetime. The focus and importance seems to be placed on what you have. But is that more important than caring for another human soul? I wonder sometimes!

Let me define “Stuff” in my own understanding. Well “Stuff” is material objects that we keep buying in order to fulfill a gap or something missing in our life. We insist upon wandering from one shopping centre into another, in order to fill up that gap and we are not doing a great job of that after all. We go home and put our objects on display somewhere and look at them for a little while. A few visitors come and take a look at it and like it. A few weeks later it becomes yet another addition to your “stuff”.

Great! Then we go off shopping again, looking for something to fill that missing part in our self again. What fun it is the cycle of life! I guess there is a major difference between what we want to have and what’s really needed in our life. Our buying habit is only a reflection of what we do not want to face in our life that is a problem. I have done this before in my life and I bet many of you are already still doing it.

Let me define a Human Soul? A human soul is a human being that can feel, breath, sense, hear, and see as everyone else regardless of their color or religion, but have a soul that can bring all the knowledge, wisdom, compassion and understanding for a universal consciousness. Regardless if they are aware of their consciousness they are still there. There is a difference between our soul and our spirit. A human spirit is the character, or the characteristics of the essence of the soul manifested in a human body.

So why do we tend to place so much value upon the wrong things in life and keep coming back lifetime after another in order to correct the mistakes of the previous one, and for what, some “stuff”? Or maybe we are too stubborn to face our reality and look deeper into problems. This seems to be a common problem for us humans, to let go of our pride. I believe we have set wrong values on these aspects of life and eventually, for what we think we value, you might find we do actually take these things for granted and do not sincerely value and appreciate having them.

I used to work part-time at Radio Shack and Christmas time was my favorite time! Why? I would always see people looking really exhausted in running from one store into another one, to still see if they still carry that toy or game. You can see the madness and, at the same time, the frustration in their eyes. Christmas day then arrives and everyone opens their gifts some like it and some don’t, so off they go again, running to the stores on Boxing Day to exchange those gifts. Why don’t we give a gift certificate and have relaxed holidays? Isn’t that simpler? In some instances you might say, it is the thought of the gift that counts, but our new generation are so hard to please! Isn’t it easier to allow them to buy their own gift and have some of your own peace of mind with that? In any religion, what is a holiday for? I don’t believe it is for giving and receiving gifts only. The importance of any holidays is the quality time that people share being gathered together and celebrating their holidays together in harmony and peace.

What am I getting at? It is very simple. What we do and what we want in our life are not the same things and when we don’t fulfill what we really want, we end up doing all the un-important things in life as an attempt to fulfill that gap. Think about it!!!

How we change that? It is very simple but requires you yourself to be ready to change or to risk a change in your life in order for you to be happy and for you to fulfill your gap. I will go deeper into making changes in later articles and I hope you give an hour out of your busy time to yourself each day, an hour to your partner, and an hour a day to your children or an older person around you without having any complaints about yourself or your life. Value the people around you and treat them as human beings. Just learn to accept some peace and be content with what you already have.

I will leave you in peace, happiness and healthy time…

Copyright © Joseph Ghabi

Joseph Ghabi is an author, lecturer, and healer. Joseph provides Intuitive Numerology Consultation, Healing Childhood Experiences Consultation and PhD Candidate living in Montreal Canada.

At the age of eight Joseph discovered his clairvoyance. Joseph is natural medium. Joseph started the ‘Free Spirit Centre’ website at A community centre devoted to personal growth, self help, soul growth, eating disorders, relationships, healing and human issues. You can find over 800 articles on the site.

Joseph task is in bringing Souls back to realization of their own personal power and into alignment with their own soul purpose and path of evolution.

Adult Affiliate Programs Are Hot Money

A dark and rarely spoken of secret in the affiliate marketing world is the money to be made from Adult Affiliate programs. Although few people readily admit to it, many have adult related bookmarks, downloaded movies or DVD’s in their collection of movies and web sites. Internet affiliate partners can greatly benefit from the intense traffic that the topic of sex generates by joining one of these programs.

Like other affiliate programs, Adult programs offer commissions or a straight dollar amount for sign-ups, membership registrations or product and service purchases. Many of these programs offer $20-45 dollars per membership signup and up to a 60% commission on sales and purchases. Added to the immense amount of traffic that adult sites generate, the commissions made from Adult Affiliate programs can be outstanding.

A popular Adult Affiliate program is offered by, who offers a $25-35 member finders fee as well as a 60% commission on all sales made via click-thorough traffic from an affiliate partner. Aside from being a profitable affiliate, offers pre-made promotional tools and advertisements that have been proven to generate their affiliates commissions. They also offer an Adult Affiliate program marketing guide and frequently asked questions to help their new affiliate partners with their first sales. If seeking to make a profit from something like this, is a good place to begin.

A large list of Adult Affiliate programs can be found at This collection of Adult Affiliate programs also lists the individual programs sign-up commissions, sales commission, webmaster referral rates and other information including the program’s web address. Remember that an affiliate partner should always check the legitimacy of an affiliate partner, check out their website, terms and conditions, information or try contacting someone within the Adult Affiliate program itself, either a fellow internet affiliate partner or an employee of the company. Having a well planned and alluring web site or blog with genuine programs can be a very profitable endeavor.

These are perhaps one of the darkest little secrets in the affiliate marketing world, yet can yield some of the most outrageous profit generation seen within the affiliate marketing world. These programs are easy to find and to sign up to and many have pre-made promotional tools and advertisements making it easy to promote their sites, products and services. Adult Affiliate Programs take advantage of the human desire in an attention grabbing way and can make an affiliate partner very successful.

Looking For a Thrill? Join New Adult Dating Pay Sites!

Have you been let down by your dating site? If you feel that your current membership is not getting you the action that you were expecting, then you are probably using a free service. A free service can be a great way to get you foot into the online dating scene and teach you the basics on online booty calls, but some free memberships don’t have special features like chat support or full disclosure of information on a profile that can prove to be a hassle to deal with. If you’re looking for a more enriching adult dating experience, then it’s about time that you check out what those new adult dating pay sites have to offer you.

The new adult dating pay sites are basically the best thing that can help you meet people who also have the same intentions as you. The thing about free sites is that you won’t be able to avoid the possibility of meeting some partners who may not be as serious as you are since anyone can easily join those sites. Also, paid sites are packed with different features that can make your dating search easier and a few perks also won’t hurt. Since many adult dating sites advertise heavily on adult porn sites, they may be able to add in a few memberships to some of the premiere deals on the Internet today, all free of charge.

The paid adult sites are generally more secure than the free sites since some would need verifications on a person’s identity before completely facilitating the membership procedure. This eliminates the chances of you coming into contact with potential psychos and stalkers. If you’re worried about your security or if you have had troubles in the past regarding people from your past adult dating site who have overstepped your boundaries then a paid site would be the better choice for you. Not to mention you won’t be able to expect any form of customer service with the free sites compared to the 24/7 support system of the paid sites.

Adult dating sites can give you a wide assortment of different sexual experiences so if you’re the type who is into experimentation, you’ll surely enjoy yourself with the endless array of possibilities. You may also meet people who have the same fetishes as you so you can engage in discussions with them too. It’s not just about finding a potential mate, but it can also open you to new friendships.

Especially with the new adult dating pay sites, there are different features that you can avail of that are not on offer with their competitors. It’s really up to you to decide on which one would be able to tickle your fancy. Just always remember to exercise enough caution so that you and your newfound partner or partners can enjoy this new dating arena the Internet has to offer. As long as you are up for the adventure that the adult dating scene has to offer you, what else is there to lose?

Browsing of Adult Sites Among Riskiest of Online Habits

It’s no secret that the anonymous and far-reaching nature of the internet has led to widespread access to pornography or other adult content. And, though pornography is, in some circles, considered sexist, degrading to women, and immoral, many of the adult sites one finds on the internet are legal and relatively stereotypical. As long as there are no children involved, either in the featured online material or in the viewing audience, many people see nothing wrong with the occasional trip through the online word of adult websites. However, what many don’t realize is that visiting adult websites is one of the easiest ways to infect a computer–especially when using an unsecured browser.

Though it may not be an issue the average user would feel comfortable broaching in a public forum, there are browsers that are better suited to keeping a user’s computer free from infection, even when viewing high-risk adult sites. And, ironically, a user doesn’t have to be searching for an adult site to end up being infected by one – hijacking programs routinely redirect browsers to adult sites, where they are force-fed spyware, adware, and other malware. As a result, an unexpected (or intentional) visit to an adult site can result in everything from annoying popup ads to rootkit installation, to keylogger installation, to identity theft. Not to mention the unintentional exposure to pornography.

As with everything on the internet, there are browsers that claim to be better suited to protect against the threats of adult websites, including Heatseek, an adult-site specific browser that claims to be both secure and easy to use, and.the Mozilla Firefox browser. Mozilla Firefox – not to be confused with Browsezilla, a browser that claims to help visitors to adult websites hide their online activity, but which in June was discovered to be installing adware on the user’s computer – is considered to be a safe and convenient browser for all types of surfing (adult-oriented or not). The advantages of the Firefox browser include:

  1. The tabbed browsing feature, which supplies the user with a faster alternative to multi-window browsing, lets pages in different tabs remain accessible while the user views other pages, and lets the user open new links instantly instead of waiting for a separate window to load.
  2. Firefox give the user control over popups and windows.
  3. Firefox is known for being secure and not allowing automatic spyware downloads.
  4. Users who value their online privacy are easily able to clear their cookies, cache, download history, and browsing history.
  5. A feature designed specifically for adult web browsing, dubbed “Pornzilla,” allows users to take advantage of bookmarking and extensions to improve their surfing experience.
  6. Various downloading features give the user control over how and where to save files.
  7. Firefox has an image-rendering library that can naturally also be used for images that don’t fall into the adult category.

But one can never be too careful when visiting adult websites, either by accident or on purpose. In addition to using a secure browser, it is important to take several other steps to prevent infection:

    1. Install a firewall and an anti spyware software program on the computer to protect against drive-by downloading. 2. Whether one chooses to visit an adult site or finds oneself redirected to an adult site by a link, one should not click “yes” or “OK” to anything that might appear on the screen. 3. Do not click on popup ads or banner ads for adult sites. Clicking on the link could take a user to the site, which might be infected. 4. Do not open emails that appear to be from an adult website. 5. Do not open attachments in adult-themed emails. 6. Do not open links, emails, or email attachments from unknown sources. 7. If a person known to the user sends a link or attachment, the user should check with them to make sure it is legitimate before clicking it.

Of course, the best and easiest way to avoid the dangers of adult websites is to not visit them. But if a user wants to browse adult websites without worrying about compromising personal data, the smartest way to do so is to have a separate, designated computer to be used exclusively for risky browsing. For this to be effective, the user must remove the computer from the home network and remove any personal documents from the hard drive. Most importantly, all internet activity on that computer should be limited to browsing – no email, no shopping, no checking of accounts – nothing that requires entering a username or password. If, in the event a piece of malware is downloaded, the user can simply reformat the hard drive without having to worry that personal information has been compromised.